Introducing Terrateam

Introducing Terrateam

Josh Pollara
Josh Pollara

Building infrastructure is at the core of engineering teams both big and small.

Terraform lays the groundwork for any team serious about operations. The problem is that when you need more tooling then you have to create custom solutions.

What are we missing from standalone Terraform? A lot.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Custom Workflows
  • RBAC
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Audit Logs

If you want to run a tight ship, these are must-haves.

Say hello to Terrateam

So many teams run Terraform commands on their local workstation.

Imagine all of the problems a team can run into. This way of operating is a ticking time bomb.

Terrateam helps you level up your Terraform. Our Infrastructure as Code CI/CD platform brings automation, collaboration, and third-party integrations to Terraform.

How does it work?

Terrateam was designed to seamlessly integrate with existing workflows. This is why we're laser-focused on our first-class GitHub integration.

  • Bob creates a pull request
  • Terrateam runs terraform plan
  • Terrateam comments the plan output
  • Alice reviews the pull request and plan
  • Bob comments on the pull request terrateam apply
  • Terrateam merges the pull request and applies the approved plan

This is a very basic Terrateam workflow.

Our platform gives developers a pathway to integrate customized workflows, RBAC, third-party integrations, and more, alongside their GitHub Terraform repositories.

Give Terrateam a shot

We're currently on the hunt for early adopters.

If you're interested, sign up now (opens in a new tab).