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What is Terrateam?

Terrateam is a Terraform automation platform for GitHub. Any sized team can make Terraform changes by commenting on GitHub Pull Requests. Terrateam offers easy to use popular third-party integrations, granular permissions, and a sophisticated framework to customize Terraform workflow for complex infrastructure requirements.

Can you help me with setup and installation?

Absolutely! Join our Slack to get started.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. If you can't afford the service or are a non-profit organization, please send an email to support@terrateam.io.

What is flat-rate pricing?

Terrateam believes that our users shouldn't have to pay a different price depending on usage. We're tired of seeing pricing plans based on number of users, workspaces, repositories, organizations, number of chickens you own, secrets, state files, etc. Terrateam users pay a single fixed fee no matter what.

Can you extend my trial?

Sure. Please send an email to support@terrateam.io.

Can I run Terrateam on my own infrastructure?

We understand that some organizations prefer self-hosted. If Terrateam is something you're interested in deploying to your own environment, you can send us an email to discuss. Enterprise plan required.

What happens if I go over my usage limits?

Good one. We don't have usage limits.

How does Terrateam interact with my code?

Terrateam will execute a git clone against your repository inside the GitHub Actions runtime environment in order to perform Terrateam operations. Your source code never touches our servers.

What does the Terrateam backend do?

Our backend receives GitHub webhooks to determine what operations have been done. We then fetch a list of changed files and see if they match your Terrateam configuration. If it looks like we have to do Terraform work, we create what we call a 'work manifest', which is just a list of directories and what operations to run. We then kick off the GitHub Action which calls our backend for the work manifest. The Action then executes the work manifest and sends back the results to our backend. If a Terraform plan is executed then the Action securely ships the plan file to the backend.

How long are Terraform plans stored?

Plan files are deleted as soon it is used by the respective apply, or an unlock is performed, or after 14 days.

Is Terrateam secure?

Terrateam takes security very seriously. See our Security page for details.