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Docker Compose

Deploy Terrateam with Docker Compose


  • Completed Step 1
  • A private Terrateam GitHub application
  • The Terrateam GitHub application settings file
  • Docker
  • Docker Compose

GitHub application settings environment file

  1. Navigate to your cloned terrateamio/terrateam repo directory
cd terrateam
  1. Save your private Terrateam GitHub application settings file to .env in your terrateam/ directory next to docker-compose.yml
josh@elmer:~ $ tree terrateam/
├── docker-compose.yml
├── .env

0 directories, 3 files
josh@elmer:~ $

Your .env file should look like this (but with actual values):


Start Terrateam

Start the Terratem server, PostgreSQL database, and Ngrok.

docker-compose up server -d

Wait for docker-compose to return

GitHub application webhook URL

When the Terrateam server starts up, it will try to update the GitHub application Webhook URL if the following are true:

  • The TERRAT_API_BASE environment variable is unset
  • The NGROK_ENDPOINT environment variable is set
  • The GITHUB_WEBHOOK_URL_UPDATE is set to TRUE (default is TRUE)


Navigate to your private Terrateam GitHub application URL and Install

Next steps

Complete the Terrateam Self-Hosted Next Steps