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Terraform Format

Terrateam Configuration Terrateam behavior can be configured via a config.yml. This file is located in a directory named .terrateam at the root of your Terraform repository: .terrateam/config.yml.

See Configuration documentation for details.

The terraform fmt command can be executed before a Plan operation using a custom Workflow.

terraform fmt

When a Plan operation runs, the exit status of terraform fmt against the changed files in the pull request can be used to determine the success or failure of the entire operation. This grants users the ability to enforce terraform fmt passing before running a terraform plan.

Terraform Fmt Plan Failure


The Terrateam configuration file can be configured to execute terraform fmt with a custom workflow. Tags and Tag Queries can be used to target specific Dirspaces.


  - tag_query: ""
      - type: run
        cmd: ['terraform', 'fmt', '-diff', '-check']
        capture_output: true
      - type: init
      - type: plan

If a user were to initiate a pull request against the foo/bar/ file then the Terrateam Plan operation would first execute terraform fmt -diff -check in the foo/bar/ directory. The entire Plan operation would fail if the terraform fmt command returns a non-zero exit code.