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Disable Plan and Apply

Terrateam Configuration

Terrateam behavior can be configured via a config.yml. This file is located in a directory named .terrateam at the root of your Terraform repository: .terrateam/config.yml.

See Configuration documentation for details.

The When Modified file_patterns configuration is used to determine if a directory has a Terraform change. If a change exists then Terrateam will trigger an operation against the directory.

In the case of module directories, users usually do not want to run a Terrateam operation. Typically, module directories do not contain underlying Terraform resources. The code found in module directories are usually used as dependencies for other Terraform directories with underlying Terraform resources.

Setting the file_patterns configuration for a module directory to an empty list [], will instruct Terrateam to not trigger Terrateam operations against the directory.

Changes found in the modules directory can still be used to trigger Terrateam operations against other directories that have a dependency on the modules directory.

      file_patterns: []

See Trigger on Terraform Modules documentation for an example on how to trigger a Terrateam operation based on a modules directory update.