Deliver Infrastructure Faster

Simplify cloud management with familiar tools.

Seamless GitHub Integration

Manage infrastructure changes with familiar GitHub pull request workflows, simplifying adoption and minimizing the learning curve.

Automated Terraform Operations

Automatically trigger Terraform plan and apply operations via pull requests, streamlining deployment and reducing manual steps.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Use secure authentication and enforce policies with tools like OPA, ensuring changes meet security and compliance standards.

Comprehensive Drift Detection

Regularly check for and manage drift, maintaining consistency and ensuring your infrastructure aligns with the declared state.

Cost Management & Estimation

Get cost estimates for pull request changes, enhancing financial oversight and helping teams stay within budget.

Role-Based Access Control

Define who can perform specific Terraform operations, enhancing security by ensuring only authorized personnel make critical changes.

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Streamlined Infrastructure Workflow

Simplified Workflow Management

Terrateam integrates directly with GitHub to simplify your infrastructure management workflow. Experience seamless collaboration and efficient deployments using familiar tools and workflows.

Automated Terraform Operations.
Automatically trigger plan and apply based on pull request events.
Familiar GitHub Interface.
Manage changes within GitHub without additional learning curves.
Instant Feedback.
Get immediate feedback on infrastructure changes with detailed plan results in pull requests.
Terrateam Plan Output

Robust Security and Compliance

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Ensure your infrastructure changes meet stringent security and compliance standards. Terrateam provides advanced tools to safeguard your deployments and maintain compliance effortlessly.

Secure Authentication.
Use OIDC for secure cloud authentication.
Policy Enforcement.
Integrate with OPA and Conftest to enforce compliance policies.
Access Control.
Define roles and permissions to control who can perform specific Terraform operations.
Terrateam Access Control

Efficient Cost and Drift Management

Intelligent Cost and Drift Management

Stay on top of your infrastructure costs and consistency with Terrateam’s intelligent management features. Prevent unexpected expenses and drift in your cloud infrastructure.

Cost Estimation.
Get accurate cost estimates for proposed changes within pull requests.
Drift Detection.
Regularly monitor and reconcile drift between your codebase and live infrastructure.
Budget Control.
Enhance financial oversight to ensure your team stays within budget.
Terrateam Cost Estimation
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