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Terraform automation with GitOps, cost estimation, drift detection, security alerts, RBAC, and more.

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Lock-free plans, safe applies, audit logs.

Terraform automation from the comfort of GitHub. Run Terraform commands by commenting on pull requests.

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Cost estimates before you pull the trigger.

Review potential costs in pull requests to avoid awkward conversations with Finance.

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Scan Terraform plans for security issues.

Scan all Terraform changes in a pull request to find security risks and common misconfigurations before they're deployed.

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Infrastructure drift alerts straight to your face.

Avoid landmines with resource drift notifications. Schedule hourly or daily runs.

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Granular permissions for plan and apply.

Manage who can plan and apply against any resource and leverage OPA with conftest.

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Custom workflow requirements.

Replace default workflow steps with custom commands, add extra arguments to the Terraform CLI, and run pre and post hooks to satisfy complex workflow requirements.

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Deniz Gökçin

DevOps Engineer @ Navlungo

The Terrateam CI/CD platform allowed the Navlungo team to quickly and effectively create Terraform changes alongside our other GitHub workflows. Being the only DevOps Engineer on our IT Team, Terrateam gives me the ability to provide a safe environment for software developers to create infrastructure without needing any credentials. Terrateam is an easy win for the Navlungo team and we're now very confident in how we deploy changes to our infrastructure.

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  • Drift Detection

  • Permissions

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For organizations requiring self-hosted and custom integrations.

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  • Self-Hosted

  • Dedicated Runners

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