Terrateam Self-Hosted

Gain complete autonomy, enhanced security, and ultimate privacy.

Complete Autonomy

Enjoy full access to all features, ensuring efficient infrastructure management.

Enhanced Security

Implement strict access controls and secure your data handling processes.

Ultimate Privacy

Keep sensitive data within your own environment, ensuring privacy.

Complete Control with Full Feature Parity

Comprehensive IaC Solution

Complete Functionality

Enjoy the same features and capabilities as our cloud version without any loss of functionality.

IaC Workflows.
Automate infrastructure management with Infrastructure as Code.
UI with Audit Trails.
Maintain logs of all operations for compliance.
GitHub Enterprise Server Support.
Integrate seamlessly with GitHub Enterprise Server.
Complete Functionality

Effortless Deployment Process

Flexible and Scalable Installation

Deploy Terrateam wherever Docker runs with easy setup instructions.

Deploy to any Docker-supported environment.
Horizontally Scalable.
Scale to meet growing demands.
Lightweight Deployment.
Simplify maintenance with minimal moving parts.
Flexible and Scalable Installation

Secure Deployment Pipelines

Privacy & Security

Prioritize your organization's privacy and security needs.

Data Isolation.
Keep data within your own environment.
Meet regulatory requirements with secure data management.
Enhanced Security.
Protect information with robust security measures.
Privacy and Security
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