Getting Started

Getting Started

Step 1

Click here to install Terrateam from the GitHub Marketplace (opens in a new tab)

Install the Terrateam GitHub application on any repository with Terraform code.

Step 2

Click here for the Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow file (opens in a new tab)

The Terrateam GitHub workflow file must be stored in the default branch of your Terraform repository. The default branch is usually named main or master.


Detailed Instructions

💡 Expand for detailed workflow file setup instructions

Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow file setup

  1. Create a new branch in your repository
git checkout -b terrateam-setup
  1. Create a .github/workflows directory
mkdir -p .github/workflows
  1. Store the Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow file in the .github/workflows directory
curl -L -o .github/workflows/terrateam.yml \
  1. Commit and push .github/workflows/ to your branch
git add .github/workflows/ && \
git commit .github/workflows/ -m "Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow file" && \
git push --set-upstream origin terrateam-setup
  1. Create a pull request to merge your changes into the default branch
gh pr create --fill
  1. Merge your new pull request

Step 3

Cloud Provider Setup

Terrateam needs permission to access your cloud provider in order to make changes with the Terraform CLI.

Next Steps

Pull Request

Create a Pull Request with a Terraform code change
  1. Create a pull request with a Terraform code change
  2. Terrateam will automatically run terraform plan and comment back the output
  3. Comment on the pull request with terrateam apply to apply changes
  4. Merge the pull request

Common Use Cases

Click here to see configurations for common use cases


Learn how to fully customize your workflow with our runtime configuration file.


Join our Community Slack or email support if you need help on-boarding.