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Stop the toil. Start applying.

Scalable Terraform with GitHub Actions.

  • Fast setup and installation
  • No more clunky workflow files
  • Strong GitHub integration
Terrateam Plan
Terrateam Apply

Spend time on project work.

  • Remove the toil that comes along with home-grown solutions
  • Easy to read plan and apply outputs comments
  • Trusted third-party integrations out of the box

Plan and apply for all engineers.

  • Open a pull request to propose a Terraform change
  • Review the Terraform plan and evaluate impact
  • Apply Terraform changes with granular access controls
Terrateam configuration as code
Terrateam configuration file

Terrateam is configuration as code.

  • Terrateam understands your Terraform repository layout
  • Building blocks for custom Terraform workflows
  • Reduce toil with an expressive configuration file

Why Terrateam


Serialized Terraform applies.

Automatic plan invalidation.

Encrypted plan file storage for applies.


Per-directory workflows.

Readable Terraform plan and apply output.

Cost estimation, drift detection, access controls, and more.


Terraform by commenting on Pull Requests.

Required status checks and reviewers.

Organization teams and members for access controls.

Support is Top of Mind

Same-day business support and private Slack Connect for all customers.

Predictable Pricing

Terrateam is the best price per deploy money can buy.


Starting at$175/ month
Includes 5 users. Each additional user $10 / month.

30-day free trial. No credit card required.

  • Includes 5 Users
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Access Control
  • Drift Detection
  • Cost Estimation
  • Static Analysis
  • Same-day Business Support
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Customized Plans
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Custom Integrations
  • Self-Hosted Agent
  • Single-Tenant Hosting
  • Access to 24/7 Support
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This plan can only be subscribed to by personal user accounts only.

Kick the tires with unlimited usage and access to all features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a user?

A user is anyone who interacts with a pull request that results in a Terrateam operation.

What is an operation?

An operation is any event that triggers a Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow. This includes plans, applies, and drift detection runs.

Does the Terrateam backend access my code?

No. Your source code never reaches our servers. GitHub Actions runtime environments are isolated to your GitHub organization. The Terrateam GitHub Action is open-source and can be found here.

How long are Terraform plans stored?

Plan files are deleted as soon as they are used by their respective apply, after an unlock is performed, or after 14 days.

Is Terrateam secure?

Terrateam takes security very seriously. See our Security page for details.

Is Terrateam SaaS only?

Self-hosted agents and single-tenant hosting is available when signing up for our Enterprise plan.