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Why Terrateam

Unlimited usage. Access to all features. No bullshit pricing.

Terraform Plan

Create a pull request. Terrateam automatically runs a terraform plan.

Poke someone to review and approve.


Terraform Apply
(when safe)

Once a pull request is mergeable and approved, comment terrateam apply.

Terrateam guarantees one apply at a time. Safety first.


Cost Estimation

Cost estimation comes along for the ride with every pull request. Multiple currencies available.

Understand spend before you terraform apply.


Static Analysis

Scan all Terraform changes in a pull request to find security risks and common misconfigurations before they're deployed.


Drift Detection

Get notified with a GitHub Issue when Terrateam detects infrastructure drift.

List resources out of sync with Terraform to avoid any landmines.


Trusted by the Community

Terrateam integrates with your existing workflow


Deniz Gökçin

DevOps Engineer @ Navlungo

"The Terrateam CI/CD platform allowed the Navlungo team to quickly and effectively create Terraform changes alongside our other GitHub workflows. Being the only DevOps Engineer on our IT Team, Terrateam gives me the ability to provide a safe environment for software developers to create infrastructure without needing any credentials. Terrateam is an easy win for the Navlungo team and we're now very confident in how we deploy changes to our infrastructure with Terragrunt."

Other Features

OpenID Connect

Connect to cloud providers via OIDC. No static credentials.

Role-based Access

Restrict who can plan and apply.

Don't Repeat Yourself

First-Class support for Terragrunt.

Real-time Logs

Watch live logs as Terrateam performs operations.

Custom Workflows

Run custom commands and pass in extra Terraform CLI arguments.

GitHub Collaboration

Protected branches, code owners, and required reviewers.

Real-World Examples

Full configuration examples for popular Terraform use cases

Trigger on Modules Dependency

Run a Terraform Plan against one or more resources when updating a modules directory.

Multi-Account Strategy

Use a different set of cloud credentials for Terraform operations against multiple resources.

Automerge and Delete Branch

Upon successfully applying all changes in a pull request, automatically merge the pull request and delete the branch.

Terraform Workspaces

Associate directories and Terrateam runs with multiple Terraform workspaces.


Replace the Terraform CLI with Terragrunt without a complex configuration.

Custom Commands

Run a custom command before and after a Terrateam run. Different commands for success and failure.


It's your data. You own it.

Plan Output

Sensitive data from Terraform plan output is obfuscated to ensure secrets and passwords are never displayed in clear text.

GitHub Secrets

Leverage GitHub Secrets to safely store passwords, tokens, certificates, and other sensitive information in a trusted environment.

No Funny Business

Terrateam only interacts with your repository in an isolated GitHub Actions runtime environment. Your source code never touches our servers.

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