How Terrateam Works

Terrateam integrates with GitHub to automate and manage Terraform and OpenTofu operations efficiently.

GitHub Event Tracker

Track pull requests, identify changes, and verify permissions.

Plan and Execute

Run Terraform plans, manage locks, and avoid conflicts.

Apply and Report

Apply approved changes, report results, and ensure compliance.

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GitOps-Driven Workflows

GitHub Event Tracker

Track pull requests, identify infrastructure changes, and verify user permissions to ensure only authorized changes are applied.

Detect Pull Requests.
Terrateam monitors your GitHub repositories in real-time, detecting any new pull requests as soon as they are created.
Identify Changes.
The system automatically scans pull request files to identify any infrastructure-related changes, ensuring nothing is missed.
Verify Permissions.
User permissions are cross-checked against predefined RBAC rules, ensuring only authorized changes are applied.
Monitor and Detect

Orchestrated Execution Workflow

Plan and Execute

Automatically run Terraform plans, manage infrastructure locks to avoid conflicts, and ensure a stable deployment process.

Execute Terraform Plans.
Terrateam runs Terraform plans to provide visibility into proposed infrastructure changes.
Handle Locks.
Infrastructure locks are managed to prevent simultaneous changes, reducing the risk of conflicts and ensuring stability.
Avoid Conflicts.
The system ensures that no conflicting operations are executed concurrently, checking for any overlapping changes that could cause issues.
Plan and Execute

Continuous Deployment Insights

Apply and Report

Apply approved changes seamlessly, view apply output, and ensure compliance with organizational policies.

Apply Changes.
Approved Terraform changes are automatically applied once all checks pass, streamlining the deployment process.
Report Results.
Detailed output of the Terraform apply process are generated, providing transparency and accountability.
Ensure Compliance.
All changes are verified to ensure they adhere to organizational policies and regulatory requirements, maintaining compliance.
Apply and Report
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