About Terrateam

Our Mission

Build a world-class CI/CD platform for Terraform. We are constantly listening to our users and iterating based on their feedback. Being 100% self-funded allows us to have laser-focus on making Terrateam a rock-solid platform that our users can build their Terraform workflow on top of.

Our Values

1) Solve real problems

We are obsessed with building the best customer experience. We aim to constantly improve Terrateam and to make sure we're developing for actual use cases. The more feedback we receive, the better product we can put into our customers' hands.

2) Keep it simple

It's important for Terrateam to remain simple yet effective. Striving for the best user experience gives our customers a clear pathway to success.

3) Seamless integration

We are founded by hands-on software engineers who understand the importance of easy and repeatable workflow. We aim for Terrateam to easily integrate with existing platforms and workflow.

Our Team

Terrateam is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

19 Bickerswerf

Amsterdam, NH

1013 KV




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