Terraform automationfor teams.

Terrateam is a CI/CD platform that enables your entire team to make Terraform changes with GitHub pull requests.

Terraform GitOps for everyone.

Lock-free plan and safe apply. GitOps for Terraform by commenting on GitHub pull requests.

Pull requests never looked so good.

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Plan Details
Plan Details

Visibility into cloud spend.

Review current and projected infrastructure costs before deploying.

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Access controls for Terraform operations.

Specify GitHub Users, Teams, and Roles with access control policies. Target Terraform resources, workspaces, and environments to decide who can plan and apply.

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Plan Details
Plan Details

Securely built on top of GitHub.

GitHub Actions for isolated run environments, GitHub Secrets to store sensitive information, and GitHub status checks for apply requirements.

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Deniz Gökçin

DevOps Engineer @ Navlungo

The Terrateam CI/CD platform allowed the Navlungo team to quickly and effectively create Terraform changes alongside our other GitHub workflows. Being the only DevOps Engineer on our IT Team, Terrateam gives me the ability to provide a safe environment for software developers to create infrastructure without needing any credentials. Terrateam is an easy win for the Navlungo team and we're now very confident in how we deploy Terraform changes.

Building blocks for Terraform.

Flexible configuration as code for the best developer experience.

Access Control
Fine-grained access control for plan and apply
terrateam_config_update: ['team:sre']
- tag_query: production
plan: ['*']
apply: ['team:sre']
unlock: ['team:sre']
- tag_query: staging
plan: ['*']
apply: ['team:eng']
Gitflow Workflow
Source and destination branches for Gitflow
- branch: main
source_branches: ['hotfix/*']
- branch: 'release/*'
source_branches: ['*']
enabled: true
delete_branch: true
file_patterns: ['**/*.tf']
Apply Requirements
Require passing status checks and approvals
enabled: true
count: 2
enabled: true
enabled: true
create_pending_apply_check: true

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Essential features for organizations.

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  • E-mail & Slack support
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