The Enterprise Atlantis Alternative

Atlantis-style Terraform pull request automation with enterprise-level support.

Cost estimation, security alerts, drift detection, access controls, and OPA policy testing.

Trusted by companies around the world

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Next-level support is our super power.

Same-day business support and private Slack Connect for all plans.

How do we work?

Hands-on support for easy on-boarding.

  • Available to walk you through setup and installation
  • Recommendations on how to configure Terrateam
  • Really fast response time on Slack
Hands-on support
Craft configuration

We craft your perfect Terrateam workflow.

  • Describe your desired Terraform workflow
  • We'll create a custom Terrateam configuration file for you
  • Test and verify until you're 100% satisfied

Always available to help.

  • Real-time support is sometimes necessary
  • Support in different time zones for full coverage
  • We're eager to dig in
Schedule a call (opens in a new tab)
Support call
Future support

Slack Connect for all.

  • Available for Terrateam Cloud & Self-Hosted
  • Quickly grab our attention
  • No waiting for emails

Out-of-the-box Terraform pull request automation.

Terraform continuous delivery for GitHub.

  • Terraform continuous delivery with GitHub pull requests
  • Integrations for GitHub Teams, Actions, Secrets, and Issues
  • Fast setup and installation
Terrateam Plan
Cost Estimation

Visibility into cloud spend.

  • Scan pull requests to understand cost estimates
  • View projected costs next to Terraform code changes
  • No configuration required

Flexible administration with fine-grained access control.

  • Plan and apply controls using GitHub Teams
  • Enforce the security principle of least privilege
  • Implement granular policies against Terraform resources
Terrateam configuration as code
Terrateam configuration file

Keep infrastructure in sync with code.

  • Catch and report on drift issues across your infrastructure
  • Quickly take action when drift is detected
  • Reduce risk of unwanted changes

Terraform Plan OPA policy testing and enforcement.

  • Enforce company-level policy before the apply
  • Evaluate pull requests for security and compliance violations
  • Source policy from external repositories, s3 buckets, and more
Terrateam configuration as code
Terrateam configuration file

Security alerts before the Terraform Apply.

  • Identify security issues in Terraform code changes
  • Remediate with actionable items to align best practices
  • Improve the quality and security of your infrastructure

Here's what some of our customers have to say...

Deniz Gökçin
DevOps Engineer @ Navlungo

Terrateam allowed Navlungo to quickly create Terraform changes alongside our other GitHub workflows. Terrateam gives me the ability to provide a safe environment for other software developers to create infrastructure without needing any credentials. Terrateam is an easy win for the Navlungo team and we're now very confident in how we deploy changes to our infrastructure.

John Myers
Lead Developer @ iCabbi

Our team started out running Terraform from a single server with elevated privileges which wasn't ideal. Once we set upTerrateam, their quick GitHub integration made everything easier. Just a simple `terrateam plan` command and it just worked with our pull requests. It even estimates how much the changes were going to cost us! We love using Terrateam because it just works!

JP Grusling
Senior Software Developer @ Fusionary

I am always looking for opportunities to streamline our processes and bring visibility to infrastructure changes. I recently started using Terrateam instead of writing custom Github Actions, and I couldn’t be more impressed. Working at an agency means managing lots of resources across various clients, and Terrateam has made that much easier. The setup is straightforward, and any time I need assistance I receive excellent support almost instantly. I also love that our team, which doesn’t specialize in DevOps, is able to easily visualize changes in pull requests.

Seth Levy
Head of Engineering @ Mudflap

Terrateam allows us to leverage all of the benefits of Terraform (auditability, repeatability, tighter IAM controls) in a GitOps fashion, without having to build or run something ourselves. The Access Control feature allows us to maintain all of our code in one place, while still being able to restrict management of sensitive resources to certain users.

How it works.

Terrateam is a GitHub application that turns pull requests into Terraform executions using GitHub Actions.

The Terrateam server receives GitHub events and makes decisions using the event payload. The Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow executes the Terraform jobs that the server creates. Your data stays encrypted.

Predictable pricing.

Terrateam is the best price per deploy money can buy.


$0/ month

Free forever. Simple deployment.

Full feature parity with Cloud.

  • Terraform Automation
  • Access Controls
  • Apply Requirements
  • Cost Estimation
  • Drift Detection & Reconciliation
  • OIDC
  • Lock Policies
  • OPA Policy Testing
  • Static Analysis
  • Workspaces
  • Unlimited Users & Usage
  • Same-day Business Support with Slack Connect

Cloud Free for teams of two

$145/ month (paid annually) or

$175/ month (paid monthly)

30-day free trial. No credit card.

  • Terraform Automation
  • Access Controls
  • Apply Requirements
  • Cost Estimation
  • Drift Detection & Reconciliation
  • OIDC
  • Lock Policies
  • OPA Policy Testing
  • Static Analysis
  • Workspaces
  • Unlimited Users & Usage
  • Same-day Business Support with Slack Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with setup and installation?

Absolutely! Join our Slack to get started.

Does Terrateam run Atlantis behind the scenes?

No. We built the Terrateam server from the ground up. The Atlantis-style workflow inspired us to build the best Terraform experience on GitHub.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. If you can't afford the service, are an open-source project, or are a non-profit organization, please send an email to Additionally, Terrateam Cloud is free for teams of two and personal GitHub user accounts.

Can you extend my trial?

Yes. We offer unlimited trial extensions. No questions asked (shhh!). Please send an email to

Can I run Terrateam on my own infrastructure?

Yes. Read the docs for deployment instructions.

Does Terrateam Cloud have usage limits?

No. Terrateam Cloud does not have usage limits. You can run as many plan and apply operations as you want with no extra charge.

Does Terrateam Cloud access my code?

No. Your source code never reaches our servers. GitHub Actions runtime environments are isolated to your GitHub organization. The Terrateam GitHub Action is open-source.

What does the Terrateam server do?

The Terrateam server receives GitHub webhooks to determine what operations have been done. We then fetch a list of changed files and see if they match your Terrateam configuration. If it looks like we have to do Terraform work, we create what we call a 'work manifest', which is just a list of directories and what operations to run. We then kick off the GitHub Action which calls our server for the work manifest. The Action then executes the work manifest and sends back the results to our server. If a Terraform plan is executed then the Action securely ships the plan file to the server.

How long are Terraform plans stored?

Plan files are deleted as soon as they are used by their respective apply, after an unlock is performed, or after 14 days.

Do you really have same-day business support?

Yes, we really have same-day business support for all of our plans. When a customer reaches out to us for support, we see this as a golden opportunity to improve Terrateam. Whether that's by automating a process, updating our documentation, or creating a new feature request in our backlog, it's a way to improve the developer experience.

Is Terrateam secure?

Terrateam takes security very seriously. See our Security page for details.