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Terraform and OpenTofu GitOps CI/CD, perfectly tailored to your team's needs.

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Accelerate Terraform with GitOps

GitOps: the best way to do it

GitOps, combined with Terraform and GitHub, simplifies cloud management, boosting developer productivity and enhancing stability, security, and compliance using familiar tools for versioning, reviewing, and deploying infrastructure as code.

Increased productivity

Continuous deployment automation and integrated feedback loops drastically reduce deployment times, enabling teams to increase development output by 3 times.

Familiar developer experience

GitOps, using familiar tools like Git, streamlines updates and feature rollouts in Terraform, reducing the learning curve for new team members and improving overall productivity.

Out-of-the-box automation

With Terrateam, you can easily manage your infrastructure as code, collaborate with your team, and automate your deployment processes.

Streamlined workflows

Terrateam simplifies the integration of Terraform with GitHub Actions, enabling a seamless and efficient workflow so you can focus on writing Terraform code while it manages the complexities.

Customized to your needs

Terrateam offers customizable options, such as defining custom plan and apply steps, configuring notifications, and policy enforcement, enabling you to adapt the tool to fit your specific needs and workflows.
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Battle-tested and feature-rich

Terrateam provides a comprehensive set of features and best practices to streamline your infrastructure as code workflow, making it easier and safer to manage your Terraform projects. With our support, you're never on your own.

Homegrown is expensive

Terrateam reduces toil by managing plan file storage, approval steps, resource conflicts, drift detection, error handling, access controls, and seamless integration with cloud services, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

All the features you need

Terrateam’s robust GitHub integration saves your team valuable time and reduces errors. Enhanced security features like secure connections to cloud services provide peace of mind, while fine-grained access controls empower your team to collaborate effectively.

"As our team has grown and we have more people writing Terraform code, it becomes less feasible for us to rely on developers to plan and apply Terraform locally. Terrateam solves this with a universal execution platform that gives engineers less to worry about."

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Dan Chan

Senior DevOps Engineer, January

"The best part is the visibility of things—Terrateam lets me see the Terraform plan in a pull request so I know what to expect. That really just simplifies everything."

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JP Grusling

Developer, Fusionary

"Terrateam allows us to move really quickly in testing and deploying new infrastructure—and we can run Terraform in the cloud so I don’t have to run it locally."

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Gautam Gupta

Software Engineer, Convex

Everything you need to scale

Deliver infrastructure faster

Unlimited plan & apply, private runners, cost estimation, Gitflow, OPA policy enforcement, secrets, and more.

Terraform workflows

Terrateam can handle complex use cases with apply after merge, custom plan and apply steps, automatic module discovery, and more.

Security and compliance

Enforce security and compliance with role-based access controls, apply requirements, audit trails, OPA policy enforcement, and more.

Seamless integrations

Official and custom integrations with environment variables, custom commands, OpenTofu, Terragrunt, CDKTF, webhooks, and more.
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