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Welcome to Terrateam

Terraform and OpenTofu automation for GitHub

Terrateam is Terraform and OpenTofu GitOps CI/CD that enables teams to deliver infrastructure faster. We enable self-service Terraform and OpenTofu across your organization.


Some of our features include: Unlimited plan & apply, RBAC, CDKTF, Terragrunt, OPA, Checkov, cost estimation, Gitflow, drift detection, private runners, private plan storage, self-hosted, custom workflows, secrets, and more. See features for more details.


Check our our demo video here. If you need a more personalized demo please book a slot.

Terrateam Cloud

The fastest way to get started with Terrateam is signing up for Terrateam Cloud.


Terrateam is a GitHub Application and GitHub Action.

How it works

All feedback is reported to the pull request via comments, users can stay in GitHub through the entire process. Terrateam is built on GitOps principles which means it is entirely configured within the repository.

For a more detailed explaination, see the How it Works section of the documentation.


We have two simple plans to choose from:

Terrateam Cloud: $15/user per month

Terrateam Cloud [UNLIMITED]: Unlimited users $299 per month

30-day free trial. No credit card required.

What’s included? Everything. Both plans have access to all our features.

Check our our pricing page to learn more.


🔒 Cloud credentials and source code never reach our servers. Sensitive information is isolated to your organization GitHub Actions runtime environment. The Terrateam GitHub Action is open-source and can be found here. See our Security page for more information.


If you need help, have a feature request, or anything else, please hop onto our Slack.

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