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Destination branches

Destination branches in Terrateam allow you to specify which branches can be used as the destination for pull requests that trigger Terrateam operations. By default, Terrateam requires pull requests to have the repository’s default branch (usually named main or master) as the destination branch. However, you can customize this behavior using the destination branches configuration.


Destination branches are configured in the .terrateam/config.yml file under the destination_branches key. Here’s the default configuration:


The destination_branches directive specifies a list of allowed destination branches with an optional list of source branches. Each entry in the list can be either a string or an object.


The branch attribute matches the branch that a pull request will be merged into. You can specify the branch name as a string or as an object with the branch key.

For example, the following configurations are equivalent:

- main
- branch: main

Source branches

The source_branches attribute matches the branch name that will be merged. It allows you to restrict which source branches can be merged into the specified destination branch.

For example, to allow any source branch to be merged into the main branch, you can use the following configuration:

- branch: main
source_branches: ['*']

Matching branches

Terrateam evaluates the list of destination branches in order, stopping at the first matching branch. If the destination_branches configuration is specified, the repository’s default branch will not automatically be considered for evaluation.

To allow the default branch as a destination branch, it must be explicitly included in the destination_branches list.

Example scenario

Consider the following destination_branches configuration:

- main

If a pull request has the following properties:

  • Source branch: hotfix/revert-ami
  • Destination branch: main Terrateam would evaluate the pull request as follows:
  • The main branch matches against the branch attribute.
  • The hotfix/revert-ami branch matches against the source_branches attribute (implicitly allowing all source branches).


Terrateam supports the use of globs in branch names and source branches using the * wildcard character. This allows you to match multiple branches with a single pattern. For example, to allow any branch starting with feature/ to be merged into the develop branch, you can use the following configuration:

- branch: develop
source_branches: ['feature/*']

Not patterns

You can negate a source branch pattern by placing a ! before it. This is useful for excluding specific branches from being merged into a destination branch.

Not patterns are only valid in the source_branches configuration.

For example, to allow any branch except those starting with hotfix/ to be merged into the main branch, you can use the following configuration:

- branch: main
source_branches: ['*', '!hotfix/*']


When configuring Destination Branches, keep the following in mind:

  • The destination_branches configuration is always read from the repository’s default branch.
  • If no matching destination branch is found, Terrateam will not execute any operations on the pull request.
  • Be cautious when using globs and not patterns, as they can have unintended consequences if not carefully reviewed.
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