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Quickstart guide

Installing Terrateam is a straightforward process. By following these three easy steps, you’ll have Terrateam up and running in your GitHub repository in no time.


  1. Install the Terrateam GitHub application

    $299/mo unlimited. 30-day free trial. No credit card required.

    Select any of your GitHub organizations and repositories that contain Terraform code.

    GitHub application installation

  2. Add the Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow file

    The Terrateam GitHub Actions workflow file .github/workflows/terrateam.yml must be stored in the default branch of your Terraform repository. The default branch is usually named main or master.

    GitHub Actions Workflow File

  3. Start using Terrateam

    If you want to see how Terrateam works without connecting to your cloud provider, continue reading to deploy a simple null_resource. Otherwise, jump to cloud providers.

Your first Terrateam deployment

  1. Terraform plan and apply

    We will now trigger our first Terrateam deployment by creating a simple pull request with a null_resource. The null_resource provider does not take any action against live environments making it completely safe for our first deployment.

    New branch

    Create a new branch against a repository with Terrateam installed.

    Terrateam first run branch

    Add Terraform code

    Create a new file called in any directory in the repository. Download the code here.


    Pull request

    Commit and push to your branch and then create a pull request.

    Terrateam pull request

    Terraform plan

    Terrateam will automatically trigger a terraform plan.

    Terrateam plan

    Terraform apply

    Comment terrateam apply on the pull request. Terrateam will trigger a terraform apply.

    Terrateam Apply


    Merge the pull request.

    Pull Request Merge


You’ve just completed your first Terrateam deployment.

Learn more

See cloud providers to learn how to integrate Terrateam against AWS, GCP, Azure, and more.

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