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Automatically run Terrateam Apply after merging a pull request.


Automatically run Terrateam Plan on a new pull request or an update on an existing one.


A Terrateam operation that issues terraform apply commands against plan files.


An operation or feature such as Plan, Apply, or Unlock.


A pull request contains changes to a repository.

Terrateam uses file_patterns in the When Modified configuration to determine if a change in a pull request requires executing a Terrateam operation. These changes are then mapped to their appropriate Dirspace.

Consider the following:

  • A repository with a default Terrateam configuration
  • Directories in the repository:
    • tf-dir1
    • tf-dir2
    • tf-dir3
    • tf-dir4
    • docs

A pull request is opened with changes to the following files:

  • tf-dir1/
  • tf-dir3/
  • docs/

Given the default configuration of file_patterns: ['**/*.tf', '**/*.tfvars']

Terrateam will detect the following:

  • tf-dir1 and tf-dir3 have changes which require an automatic execution of Terrateam Plan
  • docs/ does not match file_patterns and will be ignored

The tf-dir1 and tf-dir3 changes map to the following Dirspaces:

  • (tf-dir1, default)
  • (tf-dir3, default)

These Dirspaces are called a Change.

When it is stated that a Terrateam Plan or Terrateam Apply is being executed on the Changes in a pull request, the Changes refer to only those Dirspaces that have files modified in the pull request.


Every execution of a Terrateam operation (apply or plan) takes place in the context of a repository, a directory, and a workspace. This is sometimes denoted as a tuple (repository, directory, workspace), or (directory, workspace) for short, as the repository is usually implied. This tuple is referred to as Dirspace, a combination of directory and workspace.

For example, a repository named repo with two directories in it, dir1 and dir2, and with no extra configuration for workspaces, would have two Dirspaces:

  1. (repo, dir1, default) or (dir1, default)
  2. (repo, dir2, default) or (dir2, default)


A guarantee that only a single change to a resource can be applied in a pull request at any given time.


A Plan or Apply Terrateam execution


A Terrateam operation that issues terraform plan commands against changed files in a pull request.


A string that describes how to match the user. If the match is true, the user has access to that capability.


A list of Rules. If any of the policy queries match, the user has the capability.

Run type

The type of operation (autoplan, autoapply, plan, apply).


Labels to group Terraform resources in a Terraform repository as well as match against those labels. These two uses are called tag sets and tag queries respectively.

Tag Set

An unordered and deduplicated list of labels.

Tag Query

A tag set that is used for matching. Every tag in a tag query must exist in a tag set in order to match.


To release a lock


Maps to a Terraform workspace.

Work Manifest

The definition of work and the results to be done.