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Using Terrateam

GitHub Pull Requests

GitHub Pull Requests are used to trigger Terrateam operations. Terrateam comes with the following modes of operation:


There are many ways a Terrateam operation can be triggered. Here are the most common triggers:

Open Pull Request

Terrateam Pull Request Open

Comment terrateam plan

Terrateam Plan Comment

Comment terrateam apply

Terrateam Apply Comment


The Plan mode of operation will execute a terraform plan against any changed directories that contain a Terraform code change.

This operation is strictly read-only.


The Apply mode of operation will execute a terraform apply against any plan files that were produced in the Plan workflow step.

Apply will only apply plan files that have been approved according to Apply Requirements and Access Control.

Apply operations never produce Terraform plan files.

Typical Workflow

A typical Terrateam workflow usually looks like the following:

  1. Alice opens a pull request with a Terraform code change
  2. Terrateam triggers a Plan operation and comments the output to the pull request
  3. Bob approves the pull request
  4. Alice comments terrateam apply
  5. Terrateam triggers an Apply operation and comments the apply output to the pull request
  6. Alice reviews the Apply output and merges the pull request