Terrateam's Simple Pricing

30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Free for personal GitHub user accounts.


For smaller teams that want Terraform and OpenTofu automation.

$299 /month

30-day free trial. 10 users included.

Try for Free
  • $10/month each additional user
  • Unlimited plan & apply
  • Unlimited concurrency
  • Terraform and OpenTofu automation
  • Custom workflows
  • Policy as Code with OPA
  • Security scanning with Checkov
  • Secure connections with major cloud providers
  • Cost estimation with Infracost
  • Automatic module dependency discovery
  • Drift detection and reconciliation
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Private Runners
  • Community Slack


Perfect for growing teams with advanced workflows.

$999 /month

30-day free trial. Unlimited users.

Try for Free
  • Everything in Basic
  • Tier 1 support
  • Shared Slack or Teams channel
  • Central repository configuration
  • Prometheus metrics endpoint
  • Terrateam UI access with audit trail
  • API access


Dedicated support for companies with more requirements.

Custom pricing

30-day free trial. Hands-on support.

Contact sales
  • Everything in Pro
  • Unlimited GitHub organizations
  • Cloud or Self-Hosted
  • GitHub Enterprise Server support
  • Priority support with SLA
  • Professional services
  • Custom invoicing

What else?

Unlimited operations

Plan & apply as much as you need without worrying about how many minutes you have left.

First-class support

We are your Terraform and OpenTofu help on speed-dial.

GitOps productivity

GitOps is more than just plan & apply in a pull request. It's about leveraging the software engineering practices you already use.

Rock solid uptime

99.99% historical uptime means that when you want to change you're infrastructure, we'll be ready.

Terrateam is a commitment to success, saving your team time and money.

"With Terrateam, we feel heard. It’s so easy to get support, and Terrateam’s speed of response is like nothing else."

Testimonial Image

Alberto Fumagalli

DevOps Lead, Xanadu

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Terrateam work?

Terrateam is a GitHub application that translates GitHub events into Terraform executions. For more details see how it works.

What defines a user?

A user is anyone who initiates a Terrateam operation or logs into the Terrateam Console.

Can Terrateam be self-hosted?

If you need self-hosted to evaluate Terrateam, we can help you out. Read the docs here or reach out to hello@terrateam.io.

Can I install Terrateam against multiple GitHub organizations?

Yes. Terrateam can be installed against an unlimited number of GitHub organizations. Terrateam Basic and Pro subscriptions are tied to a single organization.

Does Terrateam store my data or code?

No. Your source code and data never reach our servers. GitHub Actions runtime environments are isolated to your GitHub organization. The Terrateam GitHub Action is open source. Check our security page to learn more.

Is Terrateam free for personal use?

Yes. Terrateam is free for personal GitHub user accounts.

How can I pay for Terrateam?

Payment options vary based on the plan selected. Basic and Pro plans require monthly or annual payments made with a credit card. The Enterprise plan offers more flexibility, allowing payment through either purchase order and invoice, or by credit card on a monthly or annual basis.

Is there a discount if I pay annually?

Yes. If you pay annually then you get two months free.

What is OpenTofu?

Early on, Terraform was an open-source project, but that changed in August 2023, when HashiCorp, the company behind Terraform, made the decision to shift away from open-source licensing. OpenTofu is the world’s response to that decision. Ultimately, OpenTofu is a direct replacement for legacy Terraform. We support both legacy Terraform and OpenTofu IaC with GitHub automations. (Read more about Open Tofu here.)

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