Announcing Resourcely Support

By Malcolm Matalka on May 9, 2024

At Terrateam, we are always searching for ways to enhance Terraform and OpenTofu workflows for our users. Today, we are excited to announce our integration with Resourcely, a platform for creating secure-by-default infrastructure resources and preventing misconfigurations in the cloud.

The Terrateam-Resourcely integration combines Terrateam’s collaborative and automated Terraform and OpenTofu workflows with Resourcely’s expertise in ensuring infrastructure security and compliance. This integration enables Terrateam users to automatically evaluate their Terraform and OpenTofu plans against Resourcely Guardrails directly within their pull requests, providing an additional layer of security.

How does it work?

When you open a pull request with changes to your Terraform or OpenTofu code, Terrateam automatically runs a plan operation and generates the necessary plan files. Behind the scenes, the Resourcely CLI evaluates these plan files against the configured Resourcely Guardrails. If any guardrails are violated, Terrateam notifies you by providing detailed feedback directly in the pull request.

Resourcely integration

The integration makes it easy for teams to discuss and resolve any Resourcely Guardrail violations. This ensures that IaC changes adhere to industry best practices and organizational security policies before they are applied.

Getting Started

Enabling the Terrateam-Resourcely integration only takes a few minutes.

  1. Enable the Resourcely integration in your Terrateam configuration file .terrateam/config.yml.
enabled: true
  1. Store your Resourcely API token as a GitHub Secret.
  2. Configure your desired Resourcely Guardrails and Blueprints.
  3. Open a pull request with changes to your infrastructure.
  4. Terrateam will call the Resourcely CLI against your generated plan files.
  5. If any violations are found, Terrateam will provide feedback directly within the pull request.

For detailed instructions, check out our documentation on integrating Terrateam with Resourcely.

Terrateam and Resourcely

The Terrateam-Resourcely integration is an easy win for organizations looking to elevate their infrastructure security and compliance. By combining Terrateam’s IaC workflows with Resourcely’s expertise in creating secure-by-default infrastructure, teams can proactively prevent misconfigurations, enforce compliance, and maintain secure infrastructure.

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